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Are you feeling stuck in life?  You want to move forward, make a change and live a life that feels more in sync. That's a great time to seek out coaching, and I'd love to help you.


Coaching for individuals is available using one of a variety of plans. An introductory session (40 min) is free. From there, decide which option is best for you. Paying for individual sessions has the most flexibility, but also the highest price.

From time to time, I'll offer courses that help you learn new skills or gain new insights about yourself. I'll use a combination of Zoom video conferencing and online discussions and videos to create a rich learning environment. 

See plan details on the Pricing menu for more information.

A space to honor the questions you’re holding
about faith, meaning, 
and the life you’re living

Anderful Life welcomes you to Faith Sifting, a FIVE-week-long group reflection experience PLUS ONE individual coaching session, designed to help you get more clarity about what you believe and how you want to live in light of your beliefs.


You will meet with a small group (no larger than you plus six others) for five weeks via Zoom (an online video conferencing tool). Each meeting will start with a time for quiet to disengage from the events of the day. Then there will be some instruction or activity that helps bring new insight to the questions you’re holding. The majority of our time will be spent exploring our beliefs using the tools of theological reflection, spiritual direction, and coaching.  No one will be telling you what to believe. Instead, we will help each other get more clarity both about our beliefs and how we want to live in light of them.

For more information see the February 28, 2020 post in Blog & Resources. Pricing is available in that area of the website.


Two specialized coaching packages are available for individuals taking online courses or teaching online courses. With over 20 years of experience directing online programs, I'm ready to help you participate as an online student or faculty member in ways that fit your life, your goals, and your values.

STUDENT Training can include any of the following:

1. Upgrade your technical skills for online learning in a customized, shame-free environment

2. Assess your readiness for online learning by exploring traits of a successful online student

3. Build on your strengths as an online student and address your challenges proactively.

4. Create a strategy for completing work that honors your commitments

FACULTY Training can include any of the following:

1. Upgrading your technical skills for online instruction (work more efficiently)

2. Distinguish between course design, development, and delivery, in order to create (design and develop) a course that frees you to deliver an educational experience that suits your values and engages students.

3. Identify the stressors of teaching online and identify approaches that can reduce those 



For 20 years, I served as a leader in online graduate institutions of higher education. I can help schools and organizations wanting to upgrade their online learning initiatives.


Online education ushered in a great deal of change to higher ed. Managing change as individuals, leaders, and teams (in higher ed or elsewhere). I can help your team build bridges between differences, imagine new ways of functioning together, and move forward together.

Contact me directly if you have an interest in using this service. We can discuss your needs and tailor pricing to your situation.


One of my great joys is having the opportunity to speak to groups. I've emceed training events for 200 leaders in addiction treatment, taught 250 college students, congregations of 150 people and smaller women's groups. In each, I bring a mix of humor, authentic reflection, encouragement and challenge suited to the audience's needs.


In an effort to keep presentations fresh and relevant to the group, I don't have pre-packaged presentations. I want to work with your event planners to help you meet your organization's goals.


For an idea of what I can bring to your group, check out my blog. You'll find both written content and videos linked there.

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