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Anderful Life: Coaching

Fully Realized Life

Have you heard the jokes about “adulting”? There are lots of them. They remind us that taking responsibility for our lives isn’t always as much fun as our kid-selves thought it would be! Somehow working, caring for kids/grandkids/aging parents, paying bills, attending to our health, being engaged citizens and community members, and even making time for leisure and personal betterment creates lives that are FULL but not necessarily fulfilling.


I want more than that. I bet you do too.


I want to live a life in which there’s alignment between my core values, innate wiring, and the life I live (inside and out). For me, that’s what living a “fully realized” life is about. For most of us, living that life requires help from others. Maybe it’s our friends who reflect back to us our values and skills, who keep our hearts light or help hold the heaviness when life is wearying. At their best, families help us know who we are and where we belong, even as they give us the courage and confidence to take risks. Sometimes therapists are needed to help us address the pain we’ve experienced in life, to give us new tools for attending to the grief, trauma, addiction, ruptured relationships, or other realities that have impacted our mental and interpersonal health. I know I have benefitted from countless people in each of these categories who have helped me become the person I am.

Life Coaching

In addition to the people listed above, life coaches can help us move toward more fully realizing our lives. Coaches work in partnership with clients* to help them gain clarity about their core values, identify their goals and dreams, and understand their innate wiring as a person. Coaches work with clients to discern if, how, or why there’s misalignment between the client’s life and their core self. In other words, if the life that’s being lived is something other than fully realized, a coach can help the client understand why that is and help the client identify strategies to move forward.

Coaches do this work in a variety of ways. We ask authentic questions that invite the client to identify their own inner wisdom. We don’t tell you how to think, what to value, or what to do. Instead, we hold space for you and help you sort those things out. Sometimes we use assessments. Sometimes we’ll identify homework that we think can be helpful. But ALWAYS the client is in control of setting the agenda, confirming what they believe, and choosing their next steps.


It's an Anderful Life

The heart and soul of Anderful Life is providing Individual Coaching. In the Blog and Resources area, you’ll get a better idea of who I am and how I approach life and coaching, as well as resources that might be of interest to you.


Photo Information:

Kristin Anderson-Wolff: Life Coach at Anderful Life
Location: Tucson, AZ

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